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Sean Cribbs schrieb:

You could create children of your style pages and include their contents directly in the parent like so:

 <r:children:each:content />

Or if you want to cherry-pick individual style pages, you could do something like this:

 <r:find url="/stylesheets/basemod.css"><r:content /></r:find>


Patxi wrote:

I´m just thinking about using the YAML css framework in radiant. ( )
This framework is based on a few yaml core css files AND user defined ones.
Now I thaught to leave the yaml core css as files (so updates should be
easy) and write the user defined ones as pages.

So my question now is, if I can also make childs for stylepages
or use a style which loads the core files and the needed pages:

@charset "UTF-8";
/* import core styles */
@import url(yaml/core/base.css);

/* import screen layout */
@import url(yaml/navigation/nav_vlist.css);
@import url(basemod.css); /* <<< user defined style
FROM DB ? */
@import url(content.css); /* <<< user defined style
FROM DB ? */

/* import print layout */
@import url(yaml/print/print_003_draft.css);

Thanks for help,

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