Anton Aylward wrote:
There __ARE__ pure CSS pull-downs.

Anton, I couldn't get to the link you provided so just in case I wanted to make sure you and others were aware that you do need a bit of javascript with suckerfish menus if you plan to support IE 6 or lower (they only support the pseudo classes (like :hover) on <a> tags so you can have javascript "add" attributes to your DOM so the older IE's can play along).

If your requirements are only for newer browsers, then you can get by with true css-only drop down menus.


I've always preferred them to the javascript ones for a  variety of
reasons, not least of which is that the ones I've used (go google) are
portable across browsers and work when javascript is turned off, as many
people do thinking that this makes them immune to things like XSS.

Her, for example, is a CSS generator with which you can even customize
the CSS

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