Hi Radiant list,

I've been getting ready to migrate my current site to radiant, been
running tests on a subdomain.  The last step before I switch over is to
get a mailer contact form up and running, and I just can't seem to do it.

I know that there've been a lot of updates in the past few weeks, and I
think I can list my known unknowns as follows:

1.  Which mailer extension should I use for 0.6.7?  There's the svn
listed in the radiantcms.org wiki, and there's another one in github. 
Are either compatible and working with the current radiant?  I've tried
both with no luck.

2.  Assuming one of them is compatible, can anyone give me some updates
to the documentation?  I suspect the non-workingness may be more of a
pebkac phenomenon, but I've spent a good amount of time hacking around,
and can hardly even get a worthwhile error message (even though I
enabled them in environment.rb).

3.  What changes should I have to make to get this working in a
subdirectory of the URL root.  The radiant root url is on something like
http://mysite.com/testing/, which has caused me a little trouble before,
and might be the source of all my problems here.  Is there a site root
variable I should change or define, or perhaps an .htaccess line I
should drop somewhere?

I'd really appreciate some pointers on this.  I've been really impressed
with the community involvement and active development around here, and
it's a big part of why I'm switching to Radiant.


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