Chris Parrish wrote:
Arik Jones wrote:
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /css/tinypixel.css.

I'm getting a 502 proxy error when accessing any asset from the styles n
scripts extension. Checking the product logs, the process is being read
correctly and all is well on rails/radiant end. But for some reason
Apache doesn't want to process the GET request. Any clues as to why?

I just ran into something like this, using Radiant 0.6.7, SnS 0.4, and - like Arik had been - thin, proxied through Apache.

Turns out it's not an Apache thing at all: it's thin, complaining that @response['Last-Modified'] isn't a string. And it's got a point!

undefined method `each' for Mon Jun 02 15:59:23 UTC 2008:Time

Suggestion for text_asset_site_controller:

   # set the last modified date based on updated_at time for the asset
   # we can do this as long as there is no dynamic content in the assets
- response.headers['Last-Modified'] = @text_asset.effectively_updated_at + response.headers['Last-Modified'] = @text_asset.effectively_updated_at.to_s
         response.body = @text_asset.render

And I'm not much of an Apache guru. Anyone out there in Radiant land have any ideas what could trigger this?

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