J Aaron Farr wrote:
Jay Levitt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I know Radiant isn't quite blog-ready yet, but I've got a ridiculously
simple blog set up in MovableType that I want to move over.  I don't
care about users or comments, just posts.

Can anyone think of a workflow that might help accomplish this, either
through MovableType's export, a PostgreSQL dump, or even an RSS
scraper? I'd hate to go cut and paste all 100 posts.

I'd start off by creating an extension [1], then creating a Rake task
in that extension to read in some XML export file and then create the
Radiant Pages as needed.  The extension's rake file will give you easy
access to all of Radiant's classes and database.

You might also be able to do a SQL dump and then do enough
find/replaces on the SQL to bring it into Radiant's database, but I'm
not sure how close the schemas are.

That gives me an even better idea (in terms of "I'm lazy and it's small"): I could read the SQL dump, or even the RSS feed, and then script a browser session to post it to the Radiant site. Hey, I can probably even do that with AppleScript on the Mac... open two browser tabs and flip between them. So many choices.

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