The existing FCKEditor plugin was out of date, so I spent a bunch of
time creating a new FCKEditor plugin, with the goal of making a
full-featured WYSIWYG page part editor that can easily be used. . .or
not. It can be added/removed at will from page parts.

Please see the page below for requirements and installation

It has working file upload integration, is pretty good about not messing
with your Radius tags and you can switch between it and other filters
via the default "Filter" select menu.

I have tested on Firefox 2.0, IE 7 and Safari 3.1. It could use some
more testing - of course - but it should work on every browser FCKEditor
does.  It's based on FCKEditor 2.5 and some of Scott Rutherford's plugin

It requires Shards, and I've tested it on 0.6.6, 0.6.7 and "edge"

It is vulnerable to the "multiple partial injection in 0.6.7 dev mode"
bug, so if you see more than one FCKEditor in a page part, that's the
problem. Run in production mode, or upgrade 0.6.7 to the latest Radiant
from github.

The future:
* An admin tab that allows toolbar button customizations,
* Integration with scripts_n_styles to auto-populate the CSS class
* Integration with the PageAttachments plugin,
* Integration with the Link Browser API to allow for point-and-click
in-page linking,
* You tell me!

Thanks! For now, kudos, suggestions, and bug reports can go to dan at
endpoint dot com.

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