On 2008/06/07, at 16:49, Andrew Neil wrote:

On 6 Jun 2008, at 01:01, john muhl wrote:

I'd like to insert part of a random subpage into the sidebar and figured it'd be a good fit for the <r:random> tag but so far am having very little luck. I've tried:


I thought of an alternative approach which might be easier to implement. Here is an example:

<r:find url="/quotations">
 <r:children:each limit="1" order="rand">
     <r:content part="body"/>

This doesn't work at the moment, because the order attribute can only be asc or desc. I think it would be pretty easy to add the option for random order though.

I was going to try putting together a patch to add "rand" as an order option, but as far as I can tell the "ASC" and "DESC" ordering is part of ActiveRecord and that seems like the wrong place to apply a patch for Radiant. Am I way off base here or are the ordering options, in fact, part of ActiveRecord?
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