Bjørn Michelsen wrote:
On Sat, 7 Jun 2008, Jay Levitt wrote:

Jay Levitt wrote:

At, when I try to "Sign In", it takes me to

That gives me the "Login/Create Account" screen, with Username and Password fields.

When I fill those in (username = JayLevitt), it tells me "Username has already been taken". Well, yes - by me, when I logged in yesterday...

I'm still seeing this, on both Firefox 3.0 nightly and Safari 3.1... ideas?

You'll get the error message "Username has already been taken" if the
password you provide is incorrect. So my guess is that you're simply
entering the wrong password.

Ah! No, but that was the clue I needed. It also gives that error message if you supply the wrong case on the username! (Strange..) I had registered as "jaylevitt", but was trying to log in WikiName style, "JayLevitt".

Darn you, Junebug..


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