Jamey Cribbs wrote:
Thanks, but as you said, the "dev" functionality does not do
everything we need.  If you have an existing page that you want to
change, you have to set the status back to "draft" and then the page
does not show at all on the production site.

Anyway, after much investigation, I ended up going a totally different
route.  I created a "staging" extension and setup an additional
radiant environment called "staging".  The extension disables all
admin functions in the production environment and adds an admin tab in
the staging environment that allows you to click on a link, whereby it
copies relevant tables from the staging db to the production db.  It
would have been great to not have to run a separate environment, but
so far it seems to be working well.

That's true. I just wanted to point out the obvious because it is easy to miss it some times (I didn't know about it for quite a while).

I remember Sean had a preview extension that would preview the page but again it's not a staging environment. Your extension does sound interesting. Do you have plans to release it?

6/9/2008 | 11:15 PM.

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