Chris and Casper,

Yes, indeed. I was away from the computer all day yesterday, but while dozing in the sun I also realised it could be fixed by changing the custom_settings.rb file.

However, it only works when I have
StylesNScripts::Config[:stylesheet_directory] = '/site3/public/css'

In the page source, this gives

I should say that
- the DocumentRoot is
- the Radiant site lives at /home/usr/HomePage/Current/site3/
- and it is accessed through the URL

Something else: testing these changes is quite tedious because each time I have to a) kill the Radiant application with a "killall dispatch.fcgi" at the console b) after Radiant restarts, I have to go into the admin interface and open and save a page to force a flush of the page cache.
I wonder
- could we have the "flush page cache" button back for situations where no save is involved but we still want to flush everything
- and how about a "restart Radiant" button in the admin interface?

This is all very educational. I must say that I really do like Radiant!


Chris Parrish wrote:
After posting to you on the other thread, I came over here and see that Casper has pointed out:

Casper Fabricius wrote:
Yes, well that's because you are running radiant in sub-directory; at rather than

I also see Sean's response and I'll look into incorporating relative_url_for() into the SnS extension. But until then, Styles 'n Scripts is unaware of your subdirectory arrangement and will assume, for instance, that your stylesheets are located in and not I suspect that this won't work since the first url probably wouldn't trigger the TextAssetSiteController -- but I'm not sure either. Can someone test this?

In the meantime, you should be able to make this work by changing the default settings via the /styles_n_scripts/custom_settings.rb file. Just uncomment/add the following and restart Radiant:

 StylesNScripts::Config[:stylesheet_directory] = 'radiant3/css'
 StylesNScripts::Config[:javascript_directory] = 'radiant3/js'


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