Wes Bangerter wrote:
I've created a small extension do to fragment caching in Radiant, using something like:

<r:cache name="unique_name" time="60">
  This content will get cached for 60 minutes.

There's a little more info at http://www.mokisystems.com/blog/fragment-caching-with-radiant-cms/

And the code is at http://github.com/mokisystems/radiant-fragment-cacher/tree/master

This is my first extension - please let me know if I've done something silly.

Wes Bangerter

I know I'm pedaling the wrong way on this, but could this be used to cache a fragment for '0' minutes = no caching at all for this fragment? That would make certain things easier...

6/11/2008 | 11:34 AM.

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