Will Emerson wrote:
Through trial and error, I got the rails_support extension working in
0.6.7 and Rails 2.0.2. But now I'm trying out the share_layouts
extension and I'm having some problems getting it to work. In this
project, my app is already made into an extension and I'm trying to
integrate with the Radiant part of the site. Will share_layouts work
being called from a controller in an extension? Or does it expect there
to be a RAILS_ROOT/app folder.
I'm using share_layouts within an extension (using the extension's controllers to process the page) currently with 0.6.7. Make sure that you uncomment the following line from your my_extension_name.rb file:

 require_dependency 'application'

When I use the line
radiant_layout 'Main'

I get an error that radiant_layout in an undefined method.

Hmm, that's weird. Where are you putting that line? It should be available as a class method like:

 class MyController < ApplicationController
   radiant_layout 'Main'

   ... your methods/actions here...


When I use

@radiant_layout = 'Main'

it creates the page but displays it in the admin layout.  ???
If I substitute a fake name for Main, it does the same thing so it
appears to be defaulting to the admin layout.

Do you actually have a layout created in Radiant called "Main"?

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