Hi Radiant community!

I've been working on a Rails app for event/conference organisation -
similar in goals to meetup.com, except I want it to be more like a
customisable site for conference organisers. It's called Ba and lives
here: http://gitorious.org/projects/ba

Currently it lets you set up new events (happenings/conferences), sign
up users, submit talk proposals, administer fees and promotion codes
etc. I'll be adding more admin stuff like set up a program,
reject/approve talks, billing etc.

What I have not implemented yet is the ability to tweak the layout,
add custom pages with semi-static content etc, and it's while
researching how to do this that I finally decided to check out Radiant
for real. My first impression with Radiant is great documentation and,
great community and great code. I still haven't set it up, but will
soon (tonight probably).

So here is my question to you folks:

Would it make sense to refactor Ba (currently a standalone Rails app)
to be a Radiant extension for conference/event organisation? Would
anyone else be interested in using this? (provided I make it general
and useful enough). Even if noone else would use it, do you think it
would make sense for me given I want to use Radiant for the CMS parts?
We're talking around 10 models and controllers in addition to the
Radiant ones, so it would be a fairly big extension.

Another thing - I'm currently on Rails edge. Should I downgrade, or is
it safe to assume that Radiant will run ok on Rails edge?

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