Glad to have you in the community!
Would it make sense to refactor Ba (currently a standalone Rails app)
to be a Radiant extension for conference/event organisation? Would
anyone else be interested in using this? (provided I make it general
and useful enough). Even if noone else would use it, do you think it
would make sense for me given I want to use Radiant for the CMS parts?
We're talking around 10 models and controllers in addition to the
Radiant ones, so it would be a fairly big extension.

We've done our best to make it fairly painless to move an existing application into a Radiant extension. And 10 models/controllers is not that big; the site-specific customizations and additions to the Redken site were around 20-30 models and controllers in a single extension! I say go for it, if you feel Radiant is the right fit. That said, you might be able to appropriate some of Radiant's ideas about how to manage static content into Ba without making it an extension. It's totally up to you.
Another thing - I'm currently on Rails edge. Should I downgrade, or is
it safe to assume that Radiant will run ok on Rails edge?

Sean Schofield converted Spree (which shares some of the same 'guts' as Radiant) to Rails 2.1 over the weekend and I don't think he ran into too many issues. We'll be moving to 2.1 soon.

Sean Cribbs
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