> Would it make sense to refactor Ba (currently a standalone Rails app)
> to be a Radiant extension for conference/event organisation? Would
> anyone else be interested in using this? (provided I make it general
> and useful enough). Even if noone else would use it, do you think it
> would make sense for me given I want to use Radiant for the CMS parts?
> We're talking around 10 models and controllers in addition to the
> Radiant ones, so it would be a fairly big extension.

Hi Aslak,

I use Radiant to run the Boulder Ruby, a local Ruby users group.  I've
got a lightweight event extension that I use to associate pages with
dates.  Some of what you're proposing could be of use to what I'm
doing and other general online communities that organize content
around events.  I'd be curious to see what the extension looks like
and see how groups like mine could use it.

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