I was trying out the import_export extension, and I noticed that it wasn't backing up records from my subscribers table. (The subscribers table was added by a migration in the subscriber_lists extension[1]). Looking at the source, I could see an easy way of fixing this, changing:

        self.models = [Radiant::Config, User, Page, PagePart, Snippet, Layout]
self.models = [Radiant::Config, User, Page, PagePart, Snippet, Layout, Subscriber]

I figured it would be better if the exporter actually looked at the database to find out what tables are there. I've forked the extension, and added this functionality. Here it is:


It seems to work OK for export. It will need a little more work though for the importer, but that is for another day.


[1]: http://github.com/nelstrom/radiant-subscriber-lists-extension/tree/master
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