On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:26 PM, Chris Parrish
> Use "rake spec:extensions EXT=your_extension_name" to just run the specs for
> your extension.

It had the same results:


> By the way, does anyone else think it would be useful to run specific
> spec(s) within an extension?
> Perhaps using syntax like:
>   rake spec:extensions EXT=your_extension_name
> FILE=app/controllers/my_controller_spec.rb
> or via grouping like radiant does:
>   rake spec:extensions:models EXT=your_extension_name
> Just a thought...

Well, my preferred process is to execute specs from TextMate with run
single example.  It's very precise and fast.  When I'm doing extension
development I rarely run commands from the Radiant root.  IMHO, I
think that you should be running development type commands from the
extension root.  Having both options is great though.

> Thats quite odd.  Are you sure you are running the latest rspec gem?  Try a
>  gem install rspec

I am but it shouldn't be using it.  If you look at my pastie, you will
see it's using Radiant 6.7's rspec gem.   As a quick test I removed
that gem and ran the command again with the same results.  If I'm not
mistaken the spec_helper.rb code will try to use Radiant's rspec
first.  This is good because you might get errors from rspec on rails
about build differences in the gem install rspec.

It seems clear that my issues seem to be the exception if not unique.
It's a bit troubling as I'm not sure how my system is all that
different from other Radiant developers.  If anyone has any wisdom on
this, please pass it along. :)

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