On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 10:28 AM, Chris Parrish <

> Tim, hanks for the kind words and interest in the Styles 'n Scripts
> Extensions. I am about to release a new version of SnS which incorporates
> Shards.  I've had several ideas to "improve" SnS but that always seemed like
> extensions in their own right.  Once this is done, I will be offering some
> extensions to the SnS extension.  These include:
>   * SASS filter
>   * Compression/Minification
>   * Syntax highlighting editor to replace the textarea
> I'm hoping to be able to release v0.5 of SnS here by Friday.  The
> extensions will follow that.
> BTW, I've begun work on the Minification and Syntax Highlighting but not
> the SASS one yet.  If anyone wants to tackle that extension or just
> contribute let me know (my biggest issue right now is time).  I'm guessing
> the SASS filter would be pretty simple, though.
> -Chris


If I was going to have more free time in the coming days, I'd take some time
to learn how filters work in Radiant and contribute to getting the SASS
filter working in SnS. I'm glad to hear that you have plans for those other
features, and that you're planning to release them so soon.

Make sure to have a good time on the 4th.

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