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    I know this has been asked before, but I couldn't find something
    directly useful.  I was just wondering if someone has written a
    guide (it'll be useful for the documentation project) or if
    someone could just point me to the main things I need to use for
    it.  So far, I've been looking at using Radiant for stand-alone
    CMS like projects, but I want to now try integrating it with other
    things that I'm doing.

All of those extensions work with 0.6.7. <http://0.6.7.> If you're integrating Radiant with another Rails project, the share_layouts extension is where you'll start.

Thanks Tim

The list you provided is very useful! I had mean to only ask about what people are using for "Rails + Radiant" but your reply is a bonus! :)

So, share_layouts is the way to go.  Can I clarify a couple of things?

[1] This would allow me to embed Radiant into a Rails application, right? So, I could build a site around Rails and then use Radiant to manage the relatively static content, page caching, layouts, stylesheets, etc. If so, this might be the perfect thing for one of the projects I have in mind.

[2] On the other hand, I'm planning to build an information site that stores manuals, etc. in HTML and lets people add comments, sign up as users, etc. I guess my confusion is because really, the relatively static content is the core of the site, meaning that Radiant should be at the centre of the action! Any guidance would be enlightening :)

Thanks all,

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