On Jul 6, 2008, at 4:31 PM, Tim Gossett wrote:

Sounds interesting, Jim. Have screenshots of help in action?

Nope, but don't be mislead; it provides help information in a separate tab, not within the Radiant page editing interface (for example) but that's something I'm thinking about for the future. In the Help tab you'll find links to "The Basics", "Administering", and "Developing". Each of those areas have information for those roles about the standard Radiant functions (with better info to come) and each lists any information found in the installed extensions.

Any plans for integration with page_group_permissions (or is that possible

Already possible.
Extension developers currently have 2 options, write a document that stands on it's own such as HELP_developer.rdoc or you can inject partials in a Shards-like way into the existing help info.

The page_group_permissions extension for example might provide only a HELP_admin.markdown file for admins to have a reference to it's functions, but no help file for regular users (HELP.markdown) or developers (HELP_developer.markdown). But since regular users with that extension may be limited in standard functionality, you might inject a partial into the info for basic users such as:

if admin.help
admin.help.index.add :main, "page_restrictions", :after => 'organizing'
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