Tim Gossett wrote:
On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 1:30 AM, Chris Parrish <

You will need the Styles 'n Scripts extension installed for this to work
and you
will also probably need to change your project's environment.rb file to
the load order (the SnS Extension must be loaded before this one). For
you could use something like:
config.extensions = [ :all, :sns_minifier ]

I think extensions are loaded in alphabetical order unless otherwise
specified by config.extensions. If you rename this extension to
styles_n_scripts_minifier (or rename styles_n_scripts to sns), you won't
need the change in environment.rb.

I was poking around in the SVN repo last night and spotted these new
extensions. They look great!

Tim, you're right about the load order thing. I had debated naming the new extensions "styles_n_scripts_xxx" but I've decided that carpal tunnel syndrome just is not for me.

But I hadn't considered renaming the whole extension to "sns" though. I think I like that idea for several reasons.

However, it would require users to physically change something on their servers -- not just update from svn. You would have to change from:

Would anyone be opposed to my renaming the extension like this?


P.S. Just to be clear, I'd only be renaming files and their related code. Oh, and rake tasks would now be "rake radiant:extensions:sns" But otherwise everything would be *identical* to your users (even the extension name in the Admin panel would still show "Styles 'n Scripts").
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