On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Chris Parrish <

> Tim, you're right about the load order thing.  I had debated naming the new
> extensions "styles_n_scripts_xxx" but I've decided that carpal tunnel
> syndrome just is not for me.
> But I hadn't considered renaming the whole extension to "sns" though.  I
> think I like that idea for several reasons.
> However, it would require users to physically change something on their
> servers -- not just update from svn.  You would have to change from:
>   /vendor/extensions/styles_n_scripts
> to:
>   /vendor/extensions/sns
> Would anyone be opposed to my renaming the extension like this?
> -Chris
> P.S. Just to be clear, I'd only be renaming files and their related code.
> Oh, and rake tasks would now be "rake radiant:extensions:sns"  But otherwise
> everything would be *identical* to your users (even the extension name in
> the Admin panel would still show "Styles 'n Scripts").

I think renaming the whole thing to SnS would be in-line with your
preference against carpal tunnel syndrome :)

None of the models would be renamed (right?), so users should be able to
swap out the existing extension directory for a renamed one and get off
without a hitch. If I had a few spare moments, I'd try it for myself right
now... maybe there'd be a clash with the version number in the
extension_meta table, and maybe there wouldn't because it's listed as
"Styles 'n Scripts".

Tim Gossett
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