On Jul 8, 2008, at 8:16 PM, Chris Parrish wrote:

Since the all / find / require_all / inclusive attribute is both required and boolean (yeah I know XOR's been mentioned but I'm not going there), why not try to include that condition in the rest of it somehow?

<r:if_content part="my part"> (notice that the name "part" is singular)
<r:if_content any_part="my part, my other part">
<r:if_content all_parts="my part, my other part">

So in this example, you'd have 3 different possible attributes. Its always easier to read one attribute name than to have to combine two or three into a single meaning.

This stuff really is really motivating me to get my conditionals extension back to life ;-)


What do you do when more than one of those is used? I think it will muddy the use cases.

I'm just going to work on any="true" and call it a day (I can always tweak the code to do differently). This conversation was helpful. Ultimately as long as its implemented in a way that makes sense and it gets the necessary feature built I think it will be a success. When it comes down to it I'm not on the core team so they'll decide. But I wanted to get the community involved in the idea first before I added it.

I certainly don't want to kill the conversation about this, but I want to start adding it in.

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