On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Adam van den Hoven <

> Since were green fielding this:
>        Threaded
>        Moderable
>        Sticky Posts
>        Post Types (question, announce, etc, => configurable list)
>        Multiple Fora (Forums?)
>        Forums in arbitrary places (maybe I have an corporate internal site
> with section for each project, I might want a unique set of forums for each
> project)
>        Taggable threads
>        Forum Users independent of Site admin/content authors. However, site
> admin/content authors should not need new user for posting.
>        Spam Filtering

That's quite a green field you have there. If I build this thing tonight,
it'll be pretty simple. But, these are all great features, and I'm sure
there are a few developers in the Radiant community who would be willing to
tackle one or two of the above.

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