On Fri, 2008-07-11 at 17:49 +0200, Jan frederik Poulsen wrote:
> I'm on a mac.
> Radiant is located in two places on my machine:
> 1. As "my app" - my specific site: ~/Sites/
> and
> 2. As "the generator" Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.6.7
> Wher are extensions supposed to be installed? In my specifik site of the
> "original" place?

First of all, It really isn't necessary to set up your Radiant sites in
the ~/Sites/ directory. That is only for your files(html, etc.)/apps
(php, etc.) that are being served directly by your local install of
Apache. Radiant apps, like all Rails apps, can be anywhere on your hd.
You run them independently from your local Apache instance started from
teh "Sharing" tab in System Prefs. And Radiant apps don't need to be
named "Radiant," they can be anything "Goober", "Bad_client", etc.

Your radiant-0.6.7 gem is the brains behind your Radiant apps. Once you
have created a Radiant project, the gem handles the heavy lifting. Once
you have generated a Radiant project you will have a directory named
"vendor" where you will find your "plugins" and "extensions"
directories. As you might have guessed, the vendor/extensions directory
is where you install extensions. So if you have a project called
"radiant" in your "~/Sites" directory, your extensions would go in

If you look at the list of third party extensions on the radiantcms.org
website, the "page_attachments" extension has a link to the installation
procedure for that extension. I find it helpful sometimes to read
through it for correct syntax for installing and updating extensions.

There was a lot of talk recently on reworking the wiki, and I think the
topic of installing extensions should be one of the first things added
to it.

I hope that helps.


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