I was working to move my page based stylesheets into the styles_n_scripts extension when I ran into a problem.

I'd love to see 2 features of doing stylesheets in pages:
1) support for radius tags from pages
2) page parts (or something like it)

I have one client that is managing the design of the site, but we're handling the HTML/CSS. So in the stylesheet, I use something like
#header {
background: url('<r:find url="/"><r:attachment:url name="logo.png" / >') no-repeat left top;

This allows them to use page_attachments to change images specified in the stylesheet without needing to muck about in CSS.

Less importantly, I break out the stylesheet into different parts to make it easier to manage, but also easier for the client to update. For example, I'll add <r:content part="colors" /> to the body which is the part of the stylesheet (page) where all of the colors are specified. The client can go in and go directly to the colors part and knows enough to edit the part for particular items in the site. I'll only put the color information in the colors part so that the extra CSS declarations don't confuse them.

The reason I found this is because of this http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/10886 which is fixed in the version of Rails later than what is currently in Radiant. But my form data was apparently too big to be saved properly by Rails.
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