On Jul 15, 2008, at 12:56 AM, Chris Parrish wrote:

Ok, item #1.  Unfortunately, this is hairier than you'd think:

 1. Pages have an entirely different context than stylesheets and
    their tags don't exactly snap in (what exactly is the parent of a
    stylesheet? the slug?)  Basically, I'd have to rebuild these tags
    for stylesheet/javascript consumption.

 2. I built a whiz-bang dependency observer that tracks relationships
    for my <r:stylesheet> and<r:javascript> tags so that I could
    create a better caching mechanism for these files.  This caching
    was a core goal of this extension.  If I go adding page tags, I
    risk breaking the caching (some tags, like the ones you've
    specified, are really static tags -- the page they're in only
    changes if the tag is changed somehow -- but many of the radius
    tags are dynamic)  Radiant doesn't know which tags are which and,
    so, has to assume the worst -- hence Radiant's 5-minute cache.

So, it's not that it isn't doable, it's just that I want to approach this very cautiously. I figure that someone's eventually going to come up with a case that will be so necessary as to make me change this one but man I'm gonna go kicking and screaming ;-)

All true. Perhaps the simple answer is to manage images in some other way. Or maybe I'll take a look at writing some tags for SnS to do what I need. I'll let you know if I give it a go.

Thanks for your swift replies.
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