Hi Joe,

I’ve basically been doing what you say, a text file for each template and copy/paste into the admin interface (or small tweaks there then c&p back). I’m using sqlite as my database so since it’s text I just added the whole db file to SVN (along with my text files and everything else). I haven’t had to do a diff on the db, but it should be possible. This also means pushing changes to the live server is just rsyncing the sqlite db file up. It’s not pretty but it seems to work ok and having the db in svn is better than nothing.

There’s supposedly an extension to link everything in the admin interface (pages?, snippets, layouts) to text files, so changes to the text files automatically get imported into the db (similar to the link to file option in MovableType), but I dunno if it’s been released. It was mentioned on one of the Radiant podcasts, and you could ask Sean Cribbs about it if it sounds useful.

I think versioning/staging etc isn’t due until about v0.9, so if you need something better you’ll probably have to make it yourself. Of course if you do please tell us!

peace - oli
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