I have a question for all the Radiant users out there...

Would anyone be left out if Radiant failed to support IE 6?

I am working on some UI/CSS improvements for Radiant which require hacks and workarounds to support this browser. It can be done but I'm not sure it's worth it.

IE 8 is already in beta and IE 7 is freely available for all but Windows 2000 -- and that OS is 8 years old (benefits of a public education right there, baby). And Win2k can easily install Firefox, Opera, or Safari so it's not like they're stuck.



P.S. Please don't waste bandwidth with Microsoft or IE bashing (I'm not interested in why everyone should use <insert your favorite browser here>). I just want to know whether it would be a problem for Radiant admin users to need IE 7+.

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