When you get that 'x.rb was expected to define X' error, it usually means one of three things:

* There's a syntax error in the file
* One of the dependent libraries that the file requires is missing
* The original file is missing (least likely)

My guess is that you have an incomplete version of the sources. It looks like you are trying to install Radiant in "application mode". While this is ok, it's recommended that you install it in "project mode" -- this is where you install the Radiant gem, run the `radiant` command from the terminal, and then either use the gem for the Radiant source (i.e. do nothing extra), or use `rake radiant:freeze:edge` and put the source in vendor/radiant.


Aleks Clark wrote:
I've got a passenger host that works fine with other rails apps (see:
http://built-it.net and sstracker.built-it.net for functional apps), but
barfs on radiant. another fun thing is that the radiant app only fails with
passenger! mongrel and webrick work fine! You can check out the error page
at http://ssresource.built-it.net/

and is readable, and contains the definition of the StandardTags

I have tried this with a fresh svn checkout of 0.6.7 as well as a fresh
checkout of trunk (in addition to the already developed app, which includes
some extensions), and all produce identical results.

any ideas?


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