Jim Gay wrote:
> We don't have plans to try to takeover this extension since Alex is
> doing a great job with it.
> Our fork provides the ability to add your own settings because we have
> at least one server where ruby-inline is not installed so we can't do
> script/console and having the ability to add new settings was crucial
> for setting up 'dev.host'
> I don't recall any SettingsExtension.root problem, so it may just be a
> fluke that it works in our fork.
> For the most part, we only forked to help with improving it and
> writing specs, so keep your eye on the Squeegy repository.
> -Jim

Thanks for the contributions guys. After a busy few weeks I am back on this stuff. All code has been rolled in and updated. Great work. Being part of this small yet productive radiant communinty is a pretty damn cool thing.

Thanks guys!

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