This is a known issue, and has more to do with Rails than Shards. It will not be resolved, but should be documented because the workaround is simple. I would suggest naming the partials something that refers back to your extension, like _aaa_css_overrides.rhtml for example.


David Piehler wrote:
Hi all,

I just ran into an issue with Shards, and wanted to know if what I
experienced is normal or a bug. I'm using Radiant 0.6.6 gem and Shards
from the 0.6.6 SVN tag.

I have two extensions that use Shards, both of which have a similarly
named file:

I load them during each extension's activate process:
AAA_extension.rb > :main, 'css_overrides'
BBB_extension.rb > :main, 'css_overrides'

This resulted in only BBB's css_overrides file getting loaded, both
correctly in and incorrectly in AAA's
css_overrides file was never loaded.

It appears that Shards only chooses the last-loaded extension's view
template when templates share the same name (but perhaps this is only
happening when adding elements to the :main section?). The workaround
for this is to name the css_overrides files differently.

Is this a known issue?

- Dave

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