On 2008/07/24, at 07:44, Sean Cribbs wrote:

How would people feel about switching to a gem dependency on the latest RedCloth (instead of packaging it)?

I think it's going to have to happen at some point unless Radiant wants to keep using the same old text parsing libraries from 2004/2005. Waiting for the pure ruby libraries catch back up is the other (wishful) option.

On 2008/07/24, at 09:31, Chris Parrish wrote:

I understood discoount to be *nix only (no Windows). I'll have to look into it further.

That's right. Although there isn't anything really stopping it from being compiled for windows with mingw just like they did RedCloth 4; except of course finding people who use windows to do the work :) There is also PEG markdown (rpeg-markdown in ruby land) but right now it is completely unusable on big (huge?) spans of text and I'm not sure it's any easier to get running in windows. Personally, I'd rather have a PEG based Markdown than a Discount based one.

As far as getting a new Markdown parser into core I'd say don't even bother yet. As has been stated Discount doesn't (yet) run on windows, and PEG Markdown is crashy (and probably doesn't run on windows either).

I would definitely like to see Radiant upgrade to RedCloth 4 sometime soon. If no one jumps up to take it on in the next week, I'll try to get it running then.

p.s. I did put together a standalone Markdown filter that uses rdiscount, so if you can install gems and don't run windows you can use that until something better is in the core. I use it on live sites with no problems (some were even started with the standard Markdown filter and upgraded without issue).


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