Hi Everyone,

It's 1st Aug (already in some parts of the world and the remaining will follow soon), so I thought I'd send out a brief update and request to people.

[1] As you (may) know, Summer Reboot is targeted as being the starting point documentation for Radiant in the future and so far, we've come up with a list of documents that we'd like to create and some authors have claimed some of the articles as things that they would like to write. A few articles are already up! > If you feel there should be more topics, please edit the home page of the documentation to add it in
  > If you feel you can write some of it, please claim, write and upload
  > Current authors/ claimants: THANKS for your support.

[2] I understand that some (many? most?) of us are busy and are doing this as a side-project/ free time effort, so I'm thankful to all of you for that. That said, if you think you have some scribbled notes electronically but don't have the time to upload it, I'm willing to try to do that. I don't mind spending some time to push out more things. I'll rewrite what I get, try to replicate it on my side, capture some screenshots and push it out as and when I have the time. > Contact me: tech {at} onghu.com or mohits {at} onghu.com with what you have/ email > If you can do this TODAY (i.e. Friday), I shall try my best to push out what you pass me during the weekend. Once the work week starts again, it gets difficult :(

[3] Everyone reads :) Help us edit the wiki. Go to the site and see the articles that are there. Take a read. > If there are grammatical errors/ missing words, please FIX it > If the explanation is not clear and you can rewrite a part of it, please FIX it
  > If more information is needed and you can write it, please FIX it
> If more information is needed and you can't write it, please ADD comments into the article, preferably in a color like orange to distinguish it from the main text. Hopefully, someone can address it later.

[4] Ideas from the List: This list has some good ideas and bug fixes or workarounds. If you have the time and spot something that really helps you, go to the wiki and add in at least a small note to the related article. For example, the article on Copy_Move at http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Copy_and_Move has this line at the bottom:
Known Problems
There seems to be a problem with using CopyMove with Radiant 0.6.7 in the Development mode.
This problem does not occur when in Production mode.
A sample screenshot of the problem is at: http://www.ruby-forum.com/attachment/2380/Picture_2.jpg

If you can, please add such stuff so that people know where to look and when not to panic on 'known problems'

[5] There was an offer by Zaheed Haque to help fund some of this activity if it would help speed things up. If anyone has any ideas on whether it would help, then please let us know. Else, we could use his generosity (depending on the quantum) to do something like send a Rails book to the article writers, etc. as a thank you :) > Zaheed: you mentioned that you like the way the documents are shaping up. Is there something specific that you need? We could see how to prioritize that if needed. Also, for September, what kind of documents do you actually need? A little more detail may help.

That's all for now - remember we're targeting 31st Aug as the date of launch!! *no pressure* :D

Thanks again, everyone! The Summer Reboot site is at: http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot

8/1/2008 | 11:07 AM.

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