Hi All,

I’ve got three archives that I’m aggregating on a parent page using r:aggregation. I want to make an aggregate monthly archive of all child posts for the sidebar. On the archive pages I can list articles and add per-month headers which link to a monthly archive. On the parent r:aggregate page I can aggregate all the child archive articles and add per-day headers, but the same per-month header code doesn’t work. If I try to make the parent page into an archive r:aggregate stops working. Adding a monthly archive to the parent page then trying to access it via /monthly-archive or a date-based url gives 404s.

Is it possible to get per-month aggregate archives of child archives? or to fake them somehow?

The code I’m using in the archive pages sidebar is:

<r:find url="/ja/blog/news/"><r:children:each limit="5" order="desc" by="published_at">
<ol class="archives">
<r:header><h3 class="info"><a href="<r:date format="/ja/blog/news/%Y/ %m/" />"><r:date format="%Y年%m月" /></a></h3></r:header>
<li class="entry"><r:link /></li>

This gives a month header that links to the monthly archive, followed by each article that month.

Code that works on the r:aggregate parent page sidebar:

<h2>最近のブログ</h2> <r:aggregate urls="/ja/blog/news; /ja/blog/ articles; /ja/blog/photos"><ol class="archives"> <r:children:each limit="20" by="published_at" order="desc"> <r:header><h3 class="info"><r:date format="%Y年%m月%d日" /></h3></ r:header> <li class="<r:if_url matches="/(ja|en)/blog/news">news</ r:if_url><r:if_url matches="/(ja|en)/blog/articles">articles</ r:if_url><r:if_url matches="/(ja|en)/blog/photos">photos</r:if_url> entry"><span class="info"><r:if_url matches="/ja/blog/news"><a href="/ ja/blog/news">ニュース</a></r:if_url><r:if_url matches="/ja/blog/ articles"><a href="/ja/blog/articles">記事</a></ r:if_url><r:if_url matches="/ja/blog/photos"><a href="/ja/blog/photos"> 写真</a></r:if_url></span> <r:link /></li> </ r:children:each> </ol></r:aggregate>

This gives aggregate articles from child archives, with unlinked per- day headers (and category titles).

Any idea how I’d make an aggregate monthly archive of child archive articles, then generate per-month links to it? eg

All articles published in:
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008

Thanks in advance

peace - oli

PS Sean you should have answered anyhow - irclogger was covering for me ;-)
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