I have a Radiant install (using v0.6.2) that, when I last used it, was
working but I haven't used for a while.

When I came back to it recently and tried to access admin pages using
"http://mysite.com/admin"; I got redirected to
"http://mysite.com/.com/admin/pages"; where I got a 404 error. In the
production log I can see WelcomeController#index being invoked and a
302 redirect to /admin/pages, however the output from curl -v for
/admin shows:

< Status: 302 Found
< Location: .com/admin/pages

So it looks like the Location is being treated as a relative path. The
question is whether the wrong URL is being generated by Radiant, or if
somehow the hostname part is being lost (e.g. in nginx). My nginx
configuration looks bog standard (almost certainly it was taken from
Ezra's Rails deployment book).

I have updated the site to Radiant 0.6.9 just now and that didn't fix
it so I'm slightly at a loss. Looking at vendor I have only the
page_attachments extension and nothing in plugins.

If anyone has any ideas about what I may have broken, or what might
have gone wrong in Radiant/nginx I'd be most grateful.



Matt Mower :: http://matt.blogs.it/
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