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The original 0.6.9 gem had one minor error due a misunderstanding about the ERB documentation and a new gem of the same number was pushed out shortly thereafter. ASmallOrange must have grabbed it in the small window of time when the bug was present in the gem and they should remove the gem and reinstall it, or you may extract the radiant gem and put its contents into vendor/radiant of your application.

So the error had nothing to do with you in particular.

Basically, the latest change to update your environment can be done simply by editing config/environment.rb to set the config.action_controller.session_store to :cookie_store instead of :active_record_store

The 'app_name' error that you see has to do with automatically generating a secret phrase in config.action_controller.session


On Aug 1, 2008, at 10:48 PM, John Laudun wrote:

Please forgive what might be a really boneheaded question from a newbie. I'm slowly making my way into Ruby and Rails, and the chance to use Radiant has made that pretty exciting. I'm trying to upgrade my install of Radiant, which I'm running on ASmallOrange. They updated the radiant gem for me -- since it requires sudo, but I keep getting a "rake aborted" error. Running the command with --trace gives me the following:

ASO%rake radiant:update --trace

   (in /home/jlaudun/radiant)
   ** Invoke radiant:update (first_time)
   ** Invoke radiant:update:scripts (first_time)
   ** Execute radiant:update:scripts
   ** Invoke radiant:update:javascripts (first_time)
   ** Execute radiant:update:javascripts
   ** Invoke radiant:update:configs (first_time)
   ** Execute radiant:update:configs
   rake aborted!
   undefined local variable or method `app_name' for main:Object

Again, my apologies for the low-level nature of this question.


Jim Gay

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