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I'm eager to hear if you have found a fitting extension for handling multiple languages. I'm considering using Loren Johnson's language switch (http://github.com/lorenjohnson/radiant-language-switch/tree/master ), but maybe there is something better or different or more advanced out there?

I’m using the Language Redirect extension:

You create language code root articles (/en, /ja etc) and build your localised site under there. When a user visits the domain root, they’re automatically redirected to one of the localised roots based on browser’s accept language. This doesn’t work well with the automatic breadcrumb tag though (you get the site root and the locale root, which end up pointing to the same thing).

Another option is the translator extension:

It seems you create a page part for each language, then the extension displays the relevant part based on browser’s accept language or session variable.

There might be some more info in the mailing list archives

peace - oli
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