Thanks, Jim, for the kind words and the solution. I asked my host, ASmallOrange, to re-upgrade the gem, and then I had to ask them to sudo the initial rake task. (If that's a common problem on shared hosts, I'll see about adding that to the documentation.)

After that, I could run the db migration myself, which produced the output that another user has already reported and I'm sure others have seen. I cannot, however, for the life of me figure out what is going on with dispatch.fcgi. I can not log onto my site and when I check the error log -- I have to use cPanel -- all I see is row upon row of:


        [Sun Aug  3 20:27:00 2008] [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server
         "/home/jlaudun/public_html/dispatch.fcgi" (pid 28830) terminated
        by calling exit with status '1'

        [Sun Aug  3 20:26:58 2008] [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server
"/home/jlaudun/public_html/dispatch.fcgi" (uid 32392, gid 32395) restarted (pid 28830)

        With an occasional:

        [Sun Aug  3 20:19:29 2008] [error] [client] FastCGI:
incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/home/jlaudun/ public_html/dispatch.fcgi"

After a few hours of this -- and me digging around with no luck -- I'm up to this:

        [Sun Aug  3 22:30:04 2008] [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server
        "/home/jlaudun/public_html/dispatch.fcgi" has failed to remain
        running for 30 seconds given 3 attempts, its restart interval
        has been backed off to 600 seconds

From within the app, here are the logs:


        [03/Aug/2008:11:35:13 :: 16270] starting
        [03/Aug/2008:11:43:08 :: 16270] asked to stop immediately
        [03/Aug/2008:11:43:08 :: 16270] stopping after explicit exit
        [03/Aug/2008:11:48:08 :: 16229] asked to stop immediately
        [03/Aug/2008:11:48:08 :: 16229] stopping after explicit exit


Processing SiteController#show_page (for at 2008-08-03 11:35:14) [GET] Parameters: {"url"=>"/", "action"=>"show_page", "controller"=>"site"} Completed in 0.41261 (2 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) | 200 OK [ ]

If anyone sees the obvious answer, I could use a good shove. (I accept that learning sometimes comes as a knock on the head.) I'm about to delete the install and start all over. Ugh!


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