Tom Cloyd wrote:
I'm in the process of getting a test CMS launched, with Radiant.

(You may be amused to know that the first thing I did after installing the gem was enter to the console: "radiant help". That produced a rather unexpected result!)

I've been working for a number of months with Webby, which is similar, but simpler. After reviewing several detailed descriptions of how Radiant works, at least at the interface level, I'm thinking it's probably not beyond my ability, but I'll definitely need to ask questions here.

My first questions:

* 1. I have very little knowledge of Rails. I don't expect to have time to fix that substantially any time soon. Will this preclude my using Radiant to contain a site I already have up which had about 75 pages? (I don't think so, but...)

Basic concepts aren't a problem - I can brush up on MVC ideas lots of places, and the mention of '“environments” to separate configuration for testing, development, and production' at ttp:// is no problem. I'm just hoping I don't have actually be using (i.e., developing sites in) rails to use radiant.

For now, I'm only going to be running radiant (hopefully) on my desktop. If I decide to move to my hosting server, I realize I'll need to know more.

* 2. Is there a reasonably easy way to add the functionality of visitor comments to some or all pages (ideally after registration with the site, only, to control spamming)? I see that the site uses the JuneBug wiki (its link at - in footer - is bad, by the way). Would that be one way to do it? (There seems to be no documentation and no discussion forum for this software, so I cannot discover this quickly anywhere). It's not really what I'm asking for, in truth.

Sorry for this question. I got ahead of myself. Hadn't yet seen "Thirdparty Extensions" at THAT's impressive.

And I see there's a "comments" extension.

* 3. Is there some central place where extensions are registered, listed, or otherwise easily accessible for review?

Well, yes. And I just found it (see above).

* 4. "create a project", then "gem unpack radiant" ???

Following along with the instructions at, it appears that first I create a project, then I unpack radiant. I don't get it. What does it mean to unpack radiant? Why do I do it AFTER creating a project? What does it accomplish?

The talk about this, at this web page, is just dropped into the discussion of creating a project, and I can see NO relationship at all. What am I missing, I wonder...?

Thanks for any help. I hope my beginner questions are acceptable here.


Still need help on the rest of it, though.



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