I have a list of thumbnails and when clicked they open a larger image in
a popup window.

I have a page in radiant with a <r:press_image /> tag for the popup and
supply an img-parameter to the page that I use in the tag that looks
like this:

tag 'press_image' do |tag|
  html = ""
  img = tag.globals.page.request.parameters[:img].nil? ? nil :
  item = PressAttachment.find(img) if img
  html = '<a href="#" onclick="window.close();"><img src="' +
item.public_filename(:full) + '" alt="" /></a>' if item

Works fine on my machine where cache is disabled but on the live server
the popup is cached and it always displays the first image viewed
because of the cache.

My question is if I can disable the cache for a single page or if anyone
has a suggestion to how I could achive this otherwise.

Thanks in advance, love working with radiant and my clients too :)
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