Hi Sean,

thank you for your answer, works perfectly. I made a no_cache_page.rb in 
my models folder for my extension and put this in it:

class NoCachePage < Page
  def cache?

To activate it I just put NoCachePage in the activate method of my 

Btw. a possible subject for the Summer Reboot could be explaining the 
different ways you include your extension files in the activate method, 
right now I have a mix that I have found in different extensions looking 
like this:

Page.send :include, CollectionTags
Page.send :include, PressTags

The NoCachePage thing I found in the MailerExtension while the Page.send 
examples are from the PageAttachments extension, but now I see that the 
MailerExtension's tags are included without using Page.send. Is there 
anything already written on this subject?

Thanks again for making the most enjoyable cms around and the nice 
support here.
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