> I'm just thinking of putting this down as the starting point for one of the
> pages in the 'Summer Reboot' but I have a couple of questions to understand
> this slightly better:
> 1. Where would that code go?  How does one go about creating a page subclass
> - from there on, it's easy.

That would go in app/models of an extension, preferably.

> 2. What would be an example of a greater functional need from the system?
> I'm guessing comments fields and some other dynamic pages would need this
> functionality.  What should someone be careful of in disabling the cache for
> a page?

Right.  The only caveat of disabling the cache is the potential for
lower performance.  However, my point in bringing that up is that one
should focus on the _why_ you need an uncached page in the first
place, and address that need first.  For example, with comments (see
the radiant-comments project on github from ntalbott and
artofmission), it may not be necessary to make the page uncached
because you can clear the cache after a comment is posted.

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