Thanks for your quick answer.
I'm trying to implement a new test to define roles. The 'admin?' method 
is in application_helper.rb, how can I extend it? Is it the same way as 
extend a controller or a model? Because I'm trying like that 
PageGroupPermissions::ApplicationHelperExtensions)' (and create 
associated file) but it doesn't works.


Tim Gossett wrote:
> If you're looking for something like
> admin.tabs.add "Pages",    "/admin/pages", :visibility =>
> [:my_awesome_group]
> you'll need to extend the User model and define my_awesome_group? to 
> return
> true if the member is in that group and false otherwise.
> Now that I've taken the time to write it out, it sounds rather
> straight-forward. Has anyone else done something like this with
> page-group-permissions?

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