Yes, I'm getting this behavior as well. But haven't had a chance to
look into it.


2008/7/24 Oli Studholme <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi All,
> First, thanks for making the WymEditor extension for Radiant Benny! I find
> fckeditor and tinymce a massive pain, both to de-crapify and in the code
> they produce, so this was welcome.
> I'm doing some testing before showing a site to a client, and I've got a
> problem in that on any page that has an uploaded page_attachment, any of the
> buttons that activate pop-up windows (image, link etc) also replace the body
> of the admin page with this:
>    /^([\s<\/>]*)|([\s<\/>]*)$/gm
> so under the popup window my page is now only the red header and the gray
> footer, and one line of regex in the middle. Has anyone else come across
> this?
> I'm running on 0.6.7 frozen to edge (svn rev 881), and I got the WYMeditor
> extension via a github clone. When trying to insert a page_attachments image
> I can drag and drop the file icon to include that, or the file name to make
> a link, but I'm specifically wanting to be able to add the full-size image
> with alt text, which requires the popup. Does anyone know why this is
> happening, and how I can fix it?
> peace - oli
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