Casper Fabricius wrote:
I wouldn't mind having the articles I've contributed so far reviewed by someone either:

Thanks for your articles, Casper! So far, I've read #5 (haven't yet got to read #4) yet, but I will definitely do so. #5 is really a beauty - I need to try it out to be sure it's perfectly right. Will do that for #4 also.

I feel that we are now moving quite close to having good documentation for creating extensions. I notice that you've claimed #3 of the extensions also! You're quite the prolific writer on that subject.

Both your articles are on my list for reading/ proofreading this weekend. I do hope that I get the chance to do so. I will also actually try out your articles this weekend if I can - if possible, I shall try to create screenshots to add to them. In some cases, screenshots are a distraction but I think it's useful in most cases!

Thanks again!

8/14/2008 | 11:48 PM.

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