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On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 11:32 -0400, Sean Cribbs wrote:
There's the typical Capistrano deploy:web:disable task that works, too
(if you have Apache/nginx set up properly).

Actually that really doesn't do the trick for me. I have a current
static page on a domain that I will be deploying a radiant project on
and I need that page to stay visible until the site goes properly live.
Rather than going to each page and setting them up as draft versions I
was hoping for the maintenance page view which would allow the site to
be live while I worked behind the scenes.

Just create a "Maintenance" layout like this:

<r:if_url matches="/"> your static page content....</r:if_url>
<r:unless_url matches="/"> regular stuff....</r:unless_url>

And set that as the layout for the homepage.
I have used this approach without any problems.

You could also set up your layout to take advantage of <r:if_dev> and <r:unless_dev> to display or not display parts of your layout.


Jim Gay

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