when using the navigation tag helper, it seems you have to manually specify
the titles and url's for each item.

my way around this, in terms of using pages created using the admin (ie,
for a normal navigation menu bar), was to use a mix of <r:parent> and

this works, in terms of displaying links to all the pages in the database
(which you can then filter by using the <r:unless_url> tag).

however, there are a couple of other things which i'd like to do, which
seem to be unavailable/not possible from within the tags.


  <r:unless_url matches="ignore url" ignore_case="true">
    <li><a href="<r:url />"><r:title /></a></li> 

what id like to do, within the each iteration - is check whether the
current item is the current page we are on (to mimic the behaviour of
navigation's 'here') - but accessing r:url within the each only refers to
the current scope (ie, the iterator) and NOT the current page's r:url

is this at all possible, using the current r:tags? maybe even there is a
way to use the pages from the db in a r:navigation call?

failing that, im guessing the way would be to unpack radiant and create my
own custom tag in 'standard_tags.rb' which outputs only what i want it to


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