I'm not sure if I have understood this correctly or if my memory is playing tricks.

I've been experimenting with the "styled blog" database template, both in its original form - the auto-generated sample site and also as a basis for possible future work on my own site.

Under 0.6.7 things were more or less working as expected. I could create blog entries and the screen had fields to enter the posting date for each entry.

I updated both test sites to 0.6.9 and now the screen for entering the blog entries no longer has the fields for entering the posting date.

I've done nothing else to these 2 sites other than the 0.6.7->0.6.9 upgrade.

Could this have caused the posting date fields to disappear?


PS the test sites are:
http://allenlux.dyndns.org/weblog/ (vanilla "styled blog")
http://allenlux.dyndns.org/radiant3/household (test version of my own blog)

John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg

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