Jamey Cribbs wrote:
Just wanted to publicly thank Chris Parrish for the Styles 'n Scripts
extension.  I have been wanting to try this extension for a while, so,
over the weekend, I upgraded one of my radiant apps to 0.6.9 and
installed the extension.  Very nice!  It's great to be able to make a
minor change to the site's css and not have to do a deploy.

Thanks, Chris!

Jamey Cribbs

Jamey, can I lean on you for some support towards the Summer Reboot documentation [1]? There's a part there for SnS under Chapter 1 of the documentation. I'll make you a deal - if you'll do the basic text, I'll do the proofreading, test out that it works, and ensure that the instructions work and add screenshots, if needed.

If you're busy, just ignore this message.


[1] http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot
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